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HeartChat聊心 依家正在進行緊市場分析


事不宜遲,快啲來做我哋嘅問卷調查同我地分享你嘅諗法啦, 因為你嘅獨特想法、內心感覺對於我哋嚟講都好重要㗎

Questionnaire Link: 或者你可以scan下面張相個QR code!方便又快捷

.為表誠意同埋感謝你哋抽時間來完成我哋份問卷,我哋將會送出一本由 臨床心理學家 劉英健博士 Dr. Adrian Low co-write嘅網上小手冊 A Mask For Your Heart – 心理抗疫手冊,



In order to gain insights from you and to offer better online-counselling and online-coaching service to the public, HeartChat 聊心 is now launching a marketing research to understand how its service can fulfil the market needs and how HeartChat 聊心can improve its internal service in terms of quality and product variety.

Feel free to fill in the questionnaire and share your thoughts to us! 

Your ideas / feelings / thoughts matter to us

Questionnaire Link: or you can scan the QR Code provided below!

To show our appreciation for your time, we will give out an e-booklet (A Mask For Your Heart – 心理抗疫手冊) on staying mentally healthy in the current epidemic, co-written by Dr. Adrian Low 劉英健博士, and a HKD200 voucher for using our online counselling and coaching service.

after you completed the questionnaire!
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