Co-host: HK Dialogue Hour X HWHK x HeartChat 聊心


Benita Chick, Vincent Li, Raindy Yu, Tze Wei, Fiona


As Hong Kong tries to contain the corona-virus outbreak, medical experts say many in the Asian financial hub are reeling from increased anxiety and an unprecedented level of mental health issues.  The SARS-CoV-2 epidemic came after months of tumultuous anti-government protests that had already led to a sharp increase in depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they said. A University of Hong Kong survey found that a third of adults in the special administrative region reported symptoms of PTSD in Feb 2020, up from 2 per cent in 2015, while 11 per cent reported depression, up from 2 per cent during the Occupy protests in 2014.

This Dialogue Hour is not just about how to manage mental stress during this difficulty, but we’ll be having an intimate discussion on how our mental health is being affected by COVID 19 or even from protest. We’ll be doing small group discussion as well as a guided meditation in the end for our well-being. 

We would like to explore the issue of depression and anxiety too using the DASS assessment, after which we can have an in-depth discussion about depression and anxiety. 

隨著香港嘗試遏制冠狀病毒的爆發,醫學專家觀察到在本地有許多人正因焦慮加劇和前所未有的精神健康問題而感到沮喪。 他們注意到SARS-CoV-2疫情是持續多月的反修例抗議活動之後發生的,而抗議活動已經導致社會上抑鬱症和創傷後應激障礙(PTSD)的急劇增加。香港大學的一項調查發現,在2020年2月,香港有三分之一的成年人有PTSD的症狀,高於2015年的2%,而11%的人則患有抑鬱症(在2000年的社會運動中,當時只有2%的人則患有抑鬱症)。

Dialogue Hour不僅涉及如何解決在此困難中的精神壓力,而且還將就COVID 19甚至是社會運動如何影響我們的心理健康進行深入討論。 最終,我們將進行小組討論並進行冥想。


About HK Dialogue Hour
The Dialogue Hour is a HK-based community initiative started in November 2019 to create a “safe space” for dialogue, discussions and debates on hot topics facing our city today – hopefully made easier with a glass of wine or two!

About HeartChat 聊心 
HeartChat 聊心 is an online platform connecting professional clinical psychologists, counsellors, therapists and coaches with their individual and corporate clients through the provision of online professional counselling and coaching service and tailor-made workshops, courses and employee wellness program (EWP).  

About HWHK/Raindy
Founded by Raindy Yu, has been in the helping profession for more than 15 years. Owing to the deep interest in exploring human behaviors, emotions and soul activities, Raindy got wide scope of training from mental health; counseling, NLP, Mindfulness, mediation, spirituality, and health coach. She is also a Social Entrepreneur since 2008 endeavour to do social good to grassroot.  In 2018, She finished her first book “Living in Mindfulness Everyday.”