We all want to be loved. We all want to be happy, healthy and feel accepted. The reason why we want this is because it’s important for our social and personal well-being.

Relationships are about exchanging energies in any way or form.
We can only give of what we have.

So the question to ask is:
“What do I have that I can give?”
“What is my cup full of?”
When you’re happy, you naturally have happiness to give to others.
When you have taken the time to love yourself, you naturally will have more love for others.
When you have taken the time to listen to yourself, you will be able to do the same for others.

Start with listening to yourself – your breath, your body, your thoughts, and how you’re feeling from moment to moment.

Build awareness of your thoughts. What thoughts are you entertaining from moment to moment? How are they serving you? What actions are you taking? How are those actions serving you?

Your body will tell you with physical symptoms of ease or dis-ease whether you are in harmony or disharmony with yourself. If your thoughts, actions and emotional state make you happy, this means you’re more in alignment with yourself.

Tell yourself: 
From this moment on I choose to entertain thoughts that serve me, leading me to my happiness and wellbeing.