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Adrian Low, Vincent Li


Dr Adrian Low (PsyD, CPsychol, MSPS)

Dr. Adrian Low (PsyD, CPsychol, MSPS) is the co-founder and head psychologist of HeartChat 聊心. He is a chartered psychologist (BPS) that has graduated with a Doctor of Clinical & Industrial/Organisational Psychology from California Southern University in the USA. He also holds a master’s degree in Education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Adrian’s workplace stress research has won the presidential award for doctoral research excellence at the California Southern University and since then he has been invited to be a keynote speaker in many conferences worldwide.

Besides, Adrian is the president of the Hong Kong Association of Psychology, a non-profit organisation, an adjunct faculty member at the University of Worcester as well as an adjunct lecturer at the HKU (university of Hong Kong) School of Professional and Continuing Education.

劉英健博士(PsyD,CPsychol,MSPS)是HeartChat聊心的共同創辦人兼首席心理學家。他是一名企業培訓博士、臨床心理學博士,同時是一名英國皇家特許心理學家(BPS),擁有美國加州南大學(California Southern University)的臨床與工業/組織心理學博士學位,以及香港中文大學的教育學碩士學位。

Adrian的有關職場壓力(workplace stress)的研究為他贏得了美國加州南大學(California Southern University)的傑出博士研究總統獎(Presidential Award for Doctoral Research Excellence),而他也經常就相關議題被邀請擔任許多全球性會議的主題演講者(keynote speaker)。

Adrian同時是香港心理學協會的會長,英國伍斯特大學(University of Worcester)的客席教師,以及香港大學專業進修學院的客席講師。


Vincent Li (NLP)

Vincent is a mental health social entrepreneur and a certified NLP practitioner. He had general anxiety disorder and hence understands the limitations of Hong Kong’s traditional counselling and coaching. From a client’s perspective, he advocates the digitalisation of Hong Kong’s mental healthcare by making it more accessible and affordable with the help of social innovation, technology and data analytics.

Vincent is also the advisor (legal) of 26Hz. Technologies Ltd, an end-to-end augmented reality production agency, utilising AR/VR/MR and gamification solutions to help drive client’s brand awareness, customer engagement, and marketing ROI.

He is also the co-organiser for Social Entrepreneurs (SE) Meet-up, a meetup platform for social entrepreneurs, changemakers and socially-conscious individuals to connect and share resources and insights. With monthly offline events and the daily engagement at the online SE community, the SE Meetup has grown into a high-quality network of 1000+ business professionals and social welfare practitioners who evidently fostered collaboration to tackle various social issues.

Vincent是HeartChat聊心的共同創辦人兼行政總裁。Vincent是一名心理健康社會企業家、國際認可身心語言程式學(NLP)執行師。他曾患上一般性焦慮症(General Anxiety Disorder),因而體會到香港傳統面對面心理輔導的限制和不完善。他主張通過社會創新、科技和數據使香港的心理健康服務數據化(digitalisation)和可測量化(measurability),並使有需要的個人和企業更容易得到負擔得起的高科技心理健康服務。

Vincent同時也是香港26Hz Technologies Limited 的法律顧問。26Hz Technologies Limited 是一間利用擴增實境(Augmented Reality)、虛擬實境(Virtual Reality)、 混合實境(Mixed Reality)和遊戲化(gamification)的解決方案來幫助客戶提高品牌知名度、參與度和市場投資回報率的製作公司。

他也是Social Entrepreneurs Meetup的共同組織者。Social Entrepreneurs Meetup是為社會企業家、變革者和具有社會意識的個人與團體而設的聯繫、資源共享和聚會平台。通過每月的網上與面對面活動和討論,Social Entrepreneurs Meetup已發展成為一個擁有超過1000多名從事社會企業的專業人士的高質量網絡,不斷創造解決各種社會問題的機會。

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最近係咪覺得自己精神超級繃緊?😱 之前的社會運動經已令港人心理變得非常繃緊,最近再加上新冠肺炎來勢洶洶,令不少人「禁足」家中,造成龐大的精神壓力!!!唔知你係咪都身歴其境呢?


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Dr. Adrian Low 劉英健博士 臨床心理學家

Raindy Yu Senior Counsellor; Mindfulness Teacher

Wong Ming Lok 國際教練聯盟 (International Coaching Federation) 認證教練



HeartChat 聊心 Team Lead Vincent Li




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