Raindy Yu

Position: Head Counsellor

Profession: Counsellor, Holistic Care Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, MBSR and CBMT Teacher
Accreditation: ACA; APA, CCPA; HKPCA

About Him/Her:

Raindy is a Holistic Care Practitioner; a Mindfulness Coach and a teacher at Holistic Wellness Hong Kong. She is an MBSR Teacher training program as acknowledged by the Center for Mindfulness, California Institute of Health. Raindy also completed the training in Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT) from Potential Project International which provides mindfulness training to corporate.

Raindy is an advocator that mindfulness as a way of life. She provides regular mindfulness classes to local communities and delivers mindfulness workshops to companies and the author of Living in Mindfulness Everyday.

Raindy is leading Scared Sound Healer in town. She has offered over hundreds of public classes about meditation and wellness in Hong Kong. She used Singing Bowl as a tool to many individuals who has suffered from physical pain, sleeping problems. Thousands of participants have benefited from her service and his mission to use sound to de-stress and heal the world. Raindy is also a counsellor, a certified NLP practitioner, a Health Coach, as well as Aromatherapist. She enjoys writing and reading, yoga, tea zen.

Specialties: anxiety, depression, self-identity, personal growth, PTSD, VAW, family issues

Also Experienced In: Mindfulness for executive; MBSR, mindfulness for kids; Play Therapy; Mindfulness for people who has trauma; Mindfulness support for mental health family members.

Testimonials: https://heartchathk.com/testimonials/#raindy-yu

Language Available:
Speaking: Cantonese; Mandarin; English
Texting: Traditional Chinese; English