Wong Ming Lok

Position: Head Coach

Profession: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation (ICF)

Accreditation: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation (ICF); Member of ICF; 15 Years of Experience in the education, training and consulting field.; MS Comparative Politics, London School of Economics and Political Science; L.L.B, University of London; BSSc Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong

About Him/Her: An AO-turned freelancer. A dream-chaser. A passionate life explorer.

After serving for years in the civil service of the HKSAR government as an Administrative Officer (AO), Ming Lok decided to quit this very promising and much sought-after career to pursue her real passion in life.

More than a decade on, she has been a radio host, written regular columns in newspaper (e.g. Mingpao) and magazines (e.g. iMoney), published books including the best seller “港孩” and latest publication “佛系廢青都有火”.

Ming Lok is an experienced educator, renowned for her inspiring approach in motivating people to learn and take ownership of their own lives. Thousands of students, from kids to mid-life adults, benefited from her teaching and showed tremendous growth in confidence, critical thinking skills as well as leadership skills.

Throughout the years, Ming Lok has also collaborated with more than 100 organisations including NGOs, government departments as well as commercial enterprises to provide training and consultancy services in areas of media strategies, communication, PR and branding.

Ming Lok enjoys meeting people around the world. Her cheerful, positive and passionate character has won her much valuable friendship and meaningful encounters in her life.

With her very extensive exposure and experience, Ming Lok’s professional coaching help clients transform and transcend in the 21st Century VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complicated and ambiguous) world. She is devoted to help people discover their potential and find their own passion in life. She helps people breakthrough bottlenecks in career, relationships and life issues. Through the coaching process, she journey with clients to remove self-limiting beliefs to achieve personal growth.

Ming Lok believes that everyone only live once and shall live it to its fullest.

Specialties: Midlife crisis, personal growth and well being, career, relationship, parenting, retirement and life-long planning.

Also Experienced In: Performance and executive coaching

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Language Available:
Speaking: Cantonese; Mandarin; English
Texting: Traditional Chinese; Simplified Chinese; English
Other: Basic Japanese